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Established in 2016, Jason Neil Penworks is a small workshop located in Texas that is dedicated to crafting custom fountain pens by hand, as well as unique pen materials. All pens are made in my shop using only hand tools and a lathe. In using hand tools, no two pens are ever exactly alike. This process creates unique variations within each piece, and a singularly functional work of art.

My work is focused on a single pen design called the Tucker, which allows me the ability to continue to perfect my process with each pen that is made.


I owe all the credit for being where I am today with my craft to my grandfather, Neil Tucker, who patiently taught me the finer details of turning handmade pens on a lathe almost 25 years ago. I am grateful for the wisdom and experience he has imparted to me, and for the chance to continue developing and improving this unique craft.

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