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I specialize in handcrafted fountain pens made from a variety of custom artisan resins. Each pen is singularly unique and designed and crafted to the highest standards of excellence. My shop is most widely know for the finishing process of the pens, achieving an almost glass-like finish that brings out the inherent brilliance of the materials.

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Jason Miller



My pen is spectacular, not only does it look awesome, but the fit and finish is superb. The threads are so smooth and I love the shape.


Pen Models

The Clarke Fountain Pen - $175.00

The Clarke is inspired by the Clarke & Courts Printing & Lithography Co. building, built in 1936 by the architect Joseph Finger. The simple vertical lines of the building translate to a simple clean pen profile. Also, the fact that this building was formerly used for a printing company paired nicely with an object used for printing letters by hand. The Clarke is the simplest model offered, with a straight profile and flat finials with slightly rounded edges. The cap and body are flush creating a single monolithic appearance. The section is slightly tapered, unless otherwise requested. It is a perfect companion for even the most minimalistic minimalist!


The Douglas Fountain Pen - $200.00

The Douglas is so named for the street of the house I grew up in when my family lived in Pennsylvania. This is also the place I learned to turn my very first pen over 20 years ago. It is as simple as that, but it includes a lot of meaning. The Douglas' profile is slightly convex with conical finials and an almost invisible joint where the cap and body meet. The section is concave with a slight pinch closer to the nib, unless otherwise requested.


The Elliott Fountain Pen - $275.00

The Elliott gets its namesake from a dear friend who is a pilot for a commercial airlines company. She was instrumental in helping come up with the idea and direction for naming the different pens in my lineup. As a thank you, I decided to create a pen in her honor, and replicating the profile of the aircraft she so skillfully pilots. The shape of the Elliott has a curved taper to it, slightly larger towards the “nose” and more narrow at the “tail”, resembling the fuselage of an airplane. The cap and barrel meet at a flush joint, creating a seamless line along its entirety. The section is concave with a slight pinch closer to the nib, unless otherwise requested. Come fly with me, let's fly, let's fly away!


The Fairview Fountain Pen - $175.00

The Fairview is a traditional cigar-style pen, loosely based on a rather non-traditional and uniquely shaped townhouse located on Fairview Street in Houston, Texas, and built in 1999. The design features a gentle convex profile with a slight step where the cap and body meet. Both finials are rounded to give it that classic cigar-style look. The section is concave with a slight pinch closer to the nib, unless otherwise requested.


The Stratis Fountain Pen - $500.00

The vision for the Stratis came about because of a constant challenge I faced in my shop: what to do with the cut-offs generated by each pen I make? Some pieces are large, some are small. And while still inherently beautiful materials, they are unable to be re-used in another pen outright. The thought occurred to me to see if I could possibly fashion these multiple misfits into a single work of art. Thus the Stratis was born. Simply put, the word Stratis is Latin for “layers”. A simple thought, a simple description, now transformed into a complex piece of art that can be both admired, and utilized to create more art. The Stratis is a limited edition and will only be available periodically. It is sold on a first come first served basis. Please note there are no guarantees as to availability or frequency of this model.


The Tucker Fountain Pen - $225.00

The Tucker is considered my flagship model, and is the very first fountain pen design to be released from my shop. It is named after my grandfather, Neil Tucker, who taught me the art of turning pens over 20 years ago, and inspired me to further develop my skills to the point that I am at today. I have come a long way since turning my first pen on the tailgate of his Dodge truck, and he has been a great encouragement throughout the process. I’m grateful to be able to include him not just in the naming of my workshop, but as a part of the Jason Neil Penworks lineup as well. The profile of the Tucker is steeply tapered across the pen, and features flat finials with a slight curve to them. The section is slightly tapered, unless otherwise requested.



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