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$2,255 raised as of 3/1/22




As of 3/1/22 the full amount raised has been donated to UNICEF Ukraine, and the entries for owning the fountain pen have been closed.




The world is reeling from the events of this week, as we helplessly watch the atrocities taking place in Ukraine at the hands of a dictator intent on domination through lethal force, no matter the human cost.


While it seems like there is little that can be done in this moment, I am turning to what I can do, in reaching out to the pen community to rally together to provide what support we can to a nation under an unwarranted siege.


In a humble effort to express solidarity with those suffering in Ukraine right now, I am putting together a Tucker fountain pen in the colors of the Ukrainian flag, and allowing those so willing, to have an opportunity to own it. My hope is this will allow more people to participate and contribute, rather than simply auctioning the pen off to the highest bidder.


Each contribution of $5 will give you an opportunity to own the pen at the end of the fundraising. In other words, a $10 contribution gives you two (2) opportunities, and so on.


The fundraiser will being now and run to the beginning of next week 2/28/22, so that the money can be donated as quickly as possible, during this critical time of need.


Once the fundraising is completed, the full amount raised will be donated to a charity actively working to aid the millions of Ukrainians relying on humanitarian aid to survive. I have not yet determined which charity that will be, but I will make that information public once determined, and I will also post a picture of the donation receipt on my Instagram page once the donation is completed. Any fees PayPal subtracts from the donations I will be covering myself, to ensure the full amount raised is donated.


The new owner of the pen will be chosen at random and announced on my Instagram page, and be contacted via email.


This fundraiser is open to all regardless of location, and shipping will be covered by myself.


Thank you in advance, for your willingness to support those in Ukraine who are in dire need of the world's assistance.


And above all, pray for Ukraine.



Stand With Ukraine

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