The Talisman is an experimental eyedropper model inspired by the Tucker 48 and named after a concept car that Preston Tucker had been developing, based off his original car. It features a larger ink capacity in the body, but is permenantly attached to the coupler, making it simpler to use than the Tucker 48. The nib and section are both sealed with a neoprene o-ring, removing the need for silicone grease. 


Includes a Jowo #6 nib.


Material Artisans:

The Pensmiths | Vintage Glass*

McKenzie Penworks | Robin Egg Diamondcast*


*Please note this material features a matte finish, and as such, will have a slight texture to it. Matte finish pens are sometimes succeptable to minor scuffs and abrasions during normal daily use. These can typically be removed using very fine sand paper that is slightly damp with water. Sand paper grit should be 1000 grit or higher, and the sanding motion should follow the length of the pen. Cross sanding (around the pen) should be avoided.

Talisman "Vintage Glass, Robin Egg" #22-066

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