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My preferred filling method for fountain pens is the eyedropper, and it was a dream of mine to be able to design something that was technically unique from the pens in my personal collection, as well as anything currently on the market that's made by hand. Enter the Tucker 48. Named after my Grandfather's favorite classic car, I like to think of it as being as groundbreaking for the artisan fountain pen world, as the Tucker 48 was for the automotive world back in 1948.


The design showcases a suspended ink reservoir within the body that is connected directly to the section by a separate coupler. The entire system is sealed using neoprene o-rings (one in the section and one in the coupler) which eliminates the need for any silicone grease. The reservoir can be refilled either by removing the section and accessing it from the top of the pen, or by removing the body and removing the ink reservoir. All of this is achieved while still maintaining the comfortable writing experience the Tucker has come to be known for.


Includes a Jowo #6 nib.


This pen features a matte finish. It is normal for this type of finish to develop light scuff marks with normal every day use. The finish can be restored by gently wet sanding the surface of the pen with 2000 grit sand paper lengthwise along the pen. If you have any questions about caring for matte finish pens, please let me know.


Approximate dimensions:

Overall length: 142mm

Cap diameter: 19mm to 16mm at finial

Body diameter: 17mm to 14mm at finial

Section length: 21mm

Section diameter: 13.5mm

Section pinch: 12mm



1836 Glass + Aurora

Custom Red

(2) Tucker 48s | 1836 Glass & Custom Red

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