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The Tucker was the very first fountain pen design to be released from my shop. It is named after my grandfather, Neil Tucker, who taught me the art of turning pens over 20 years ago, and inspired me to further develop my skills to the point that I am at today. I have come a long way since turning my first pen on the tailgate of his Dodge truck, and he has been a great encouragement throughout the process. I’m grateful to be able to include him not just in the naming of my workshop, but as a part of the Jason Neil Penworks lineup as well. The profile of the Tucker is tapered across the pen, and features flat finials with square edges.  The cap finial includes a medallion with the signature 'jn' logo. The section is concave with a slight pinch closer to the nib.


Includes a Jowo #6 nib and Schmidt K5 converter.


About the Custom MK III:

The materal used for the Custom MK III is created through multiple separate castings, starting with 1836 Glass (resin) as the outer shell of the body and cap, with the interior and accent rings being added later in the process. The result is visually intriguing, as the light plays off the clear surface of the glass resin material down to the textured color way below.


Approximate dimensions:

Overall length: 142mm

Cap diameter: 18mm to 15mm at finial

Body diameter: 16mm to 13mm at finial

Section length: 21mm

Section diameter: 12.5mm

Section pinch: 11mm




Tucker | Custom MK III

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